Wexford Fall Family Photos

One of the best things about family portrait sessions is the clients who book me year after year! Not only do I appreciate their support, but I love getting to watch their kids grow up. Kate and her family are just one of those families. It’s an honor and a privilege to work with them time and time again. 🙂 Check out their Wexford Fall Family Photos!

More from super-mom, Kate:

What’s some advice you’d share with a new parent to be?
Enjoy the time when they are little, even on the frustrating days, because sometimes the days seem long but the weeks/months fly by!

How did you come up with your children’s names?
Tommy is Thomas Dallas the IV (not much of a decision there). And I have loved the name Sarah since I was a little girl.

Mom’s Apparel:  Shirt: Free People, boots are Born
Hair/Make-Up: Me!

Dad’s Apparel:  Sweater is Gap and boots are Ugg

Kid’s Apparel : Tommy and Sarah: Gap Kids