Rustic Acres Wedding Celebration: Maddi & Nick

Met in high school, fell in love, GET MARRIED! Maddi and Nick are 100% living the dream! I have photographed a LOT of weddings, and I will never forget their weddings. Specifically, I will never ever forget the garter toss part of the reception. Nick gives Maddi the most EXCELLENT lap dance of all time. I heard someone say once that in a marriage your looks will change, your body will change, your preferences will change but to marry the person who will make you laugh. Maddi and Nick have found this! And more! Congratulations on this most special day! Read more of their amazing story below. You will laugh, you will get chills and you will get all the feelings!

Rustic Acres Farm Wedding Bridal Party

Rustic Acres Ceremony

Rustic Acres Wedding  

Rustic Acres Farm Wedding Sparkler Exit

Rustic Acres Farm Wedding Sparkler Exit

So many more details from Maddi and Nick:

We really loved the idea of having a farm wedding with a barn and a beautiful luscious landscape. Our inspiration really focused on rustic elegance which our venue beautifully showcased. We kept it rustic by focusing on wood and DIY decor but kept it elegant with more antique, floral, and timeless accents.

Plan EARLY! The big day will come fast and having everything planned ahead will make the few days leading up to the wedding much more laid back and less stressful! Don’t sweat the little things. Your guests will never notice what you forgot so don’t let it affect your big day! The only thing that matters is you and your spouse!

My husband and I met in high school. I was a sophomore and he was a senior. We were just friends but we both had feelings for each other. When he graduated, we began hanging out more and eventually ended up pursuing a relationship. When I finished high school we moved in together and I began college that fall. Shortly thereafter Nick enlisted in the Navy and left for basic training 10 months later. That was in March of 2015, and we sustained a long distance relationship since then so that I could finish my degree at the university in our hometown. Doing long distance for so long has definitely been taxing but we have also been able to grow in ways not many people get to. We have learned to be independent but also trust and love each other unconditionally. Our wedding was a huge milestone for us because it signified our togetherness in the most literal form.

Last July my family, Nick, and I went on our yearly summer vacation to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. This trip was the first time seeing Nick in about a month since he was doing training down in Mississippi with the Navy all summer. After that beach trip, he was being re-stationed to a Naval base in California and was deploying overseas a few months later. With all of this in my head, I was very hopeful that the proposal would happen that week, and each day I patiently waited and read into every little romantic gesture he made. The beautiful days passed, and no proposal. I was getting anxious. It was now the last day in the Outer Banks and I was about to go 2 months without seeing him after we parted ways, which would then be the last time seeing him until after a 6 month deployment. We had a great day on the beach, did some shopping, and ate dinner with the family. When we got back to the beach house, Nick suggested we go for one last walk on the beach with our dog Neeko and the entire family. I wouldn’t have thought anything about it had it been sunny out. But, it was raining and windy and everyone in the house complied with his suggestion for a walk in the rain, which made me curious. We walked down to the beach, Nick was holding Neeko’s leash. After several yards, he stopped and said, “Hey what’s on Neeko’s collar?” I instantly knew this was it!! I removed a little bag from his collar with a note that said “Do you love me? If yes, turn around.” I turned around and he was down on one knee. Holding out a beautiful ring he said, “Maddie, will you spend the rest of your life with me?” I was literally speechless (if you know me, you would know that never happens). I nodded my head yes over and over with a huge smile on my face. My family ran over and congratulated us, as they knew the plan all along and were taking pictures the whole time from afar. We walked back up to our beach house and called our family and friends that weren’t with us to tell them of the news and all hung out together while we enjoyed the last night at the beach. Looking back now, the whole proposal went so fast and is somewhat of a blur because of all the emotions running through my head, but I will never forget the look on his face as he asked me to be his life partner forever!

Aside from the ceremony and seeing all of my friends and family together in one place, our favorite memory from the big day was singing country roads at the end of the night. That song is so special for West Virginia natives, but especially since WVU is now my alma mater. For Nick, it was special because it always reminds him of home. Being away for 3 years really makes him appreciate his time when he is in West Virginia, and that song really brings his heart home. To have everyone there to sing along and sway together before we moved across the country, made that the favorite moment for both of us. There are so many great memories attached with that song which made it the perfect conclusion to the best night of our lives.

Event Vendor Superstars

Venue: Rustic Acres Farm: Weddings
Event Design: JPC Event Group
Florist: JPC Event Group
Wedding Dress Designer: Stella York
Wedding Dress Boutique: Sorelle Bridal Salon
Hairstylist: Nicole Skidmore
Make-up Artist: Haley Inskeep
Bride’s Shoe’s: Steve Madden Evelina Flat
Bride’s Ring Designer: Neil Lane
Bridesmaid’s Dress Designer: Sorella Vita
Groom Attire: Rented from Daniels of Morgantown
Groom Ring: Benchmark with Jacqueline’s of Northbrook Jewelers
Videographer: Love More Films
Paper Goods: Paper Hearts Invitations
Handmade Details: Welcome sign, Seating Chart, wooden signs surrounding dessert table, chalkboard signs with calligraphy for gift and dessert table
Catering: JPC Event Group
DJ: PJ Riel with Entertainment Unlimited
Bakery: Mixed With Love Cake & Cookie Co.
Linen Rentals: JPC Event Group
Furniture Rentals: JPC Event Group