Isn’t it lovely how God weaves people in and out of our lives? A seemingly insignificant meeting is only realized as life changing later down the line. Back when Jaime and I were barely married for more than five minutes, we started the very intimidating (to us!) process of buying a home. Many don’t know this about us, but we’ve both had histories with housing instability (as kids) so this was a huge deal! PA Equity Resources Mortgages was recommended to us by our realtor and so, we nervously called and made an appointment with Christine and Joann! Fast forward nearly 8 years later and we have lived in our first home all this time. Christine and her mother were amazing to work with and we never thought our paths would meet again until we were ready to buy our next home. Last year, Christine emailed to ask if I would capture some very special photos for her and her husband John. They were starting the process of adoption and needed to create a book for prospective birth moms to look through who were looking to place their children into an adoptive family. We excitedly took photos all over Pittsburgh and had so much fun for a special purpose! Here are some of those photos and be sure to read on for the happy conclusion to their story!

Fast forward not even a year later, Christine sent me the best email ever! She and John had been chosen to adopt a sweet newborn boy! They wanted me to take some family photos to announce their joy. I have never been more honored to witness such a precious story. It’s times like these that make me so grateful to be in this line of work. Congrats Christine and John! It is a privilege to be a part of your lives!