Hocking Hills Ohio Engagement Session

Courtney and Jake. How to start? This session was loads of fun. Not only did we get to stay in some really cool mini cabins in Hocking Hills State Park, but we got to do two days of sessions! Sunset and Sunrise…the perfect Hocking Hills Ohio engagement session.

I loved hearing more directly from Courtney about what makes her and Jake’s relationship special…

From the bride-to-be, Courtney

Jake and I were together since 2009. We talked about marriage and even had our wedding basically planned a year before the “real proposal.” So when it came time to pop the question “for real” a series of hilarious events took place. As we planned to go on a trip with a bunch of friends to a cabin in Ohio Jake had the engagement ring rush ordered. He told me we couldn’t leave on time for vacation and that we needed to wait for him to do something. I naturally was angry and questioned why he couldn’t do what he needed to the day before. And Jake not being able to keep a straight face couldn’t lie and said he had to wait for a package.

I looked at him again and could read right through his expressions haha! I said “oh the ring is coming.” Then as we went to his parents house to pick up our kayaks he missed the delivery of the ring and had to call the UPS guy to bring it back! There were a series of other funny events leading up to the proposal but the initial finding out before it happened cracks me up every time and I wouldn’t of wanted it to happen any other way. That’s just us, we’re goofy as ever.

Why Did You Choose Your Engagement Location? What Makes It Special to You?
Jake chose to propose at Hocking Hills so it only seemed right to go back to have our photos done. We fell in love with Hocking Hills two years ago when we went for a mini vacation and we keep going back time after time. It’s such a special place to us. The natural rock formations are unlike anything we’ve ever seen out east. Its truly a unique and beautiful place. It will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Bride-to-Be Apparel: Free People for the black dress. Forever 21 for the beige gown and the lace nude dress.
Hair/Make-Up: Hair styled by self
Groom-to-be Apparel: Suit from Kenneth Cole

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