I am doing it guys, totally catching up on blogs! Though the 2019 season has started, it is very important to me that I share EVERY wedding I shoot! I loved working with Josh and Patty last year, it’s always a blast getting out of the city and into a new place. Patty and Josh chose a Deer Valley Camp wedding for sentimental reasons, so many of their relationship milestones took place there. Here’s more from Patty, the glowing bride:

We grew up going to, worked on staff at, and met at a YMCA Family Camp in Pennsylvania. It is a place that we both hold very close to our hearts and we were fortunate enough to be able to have our wedding there. The natural beauty and our love for the outdoors and the camp inspired every single detail of our wedding.

Deer Valley Camp Wedding

Deer Valley Camp Wedding

Deer Valley Camp WeddingDeer Valley Camp Wedding Deer Valley Camp Wedding  Deer Valley Camp Wedding

More from the Bride, Patty:

Don’t sweat the little things! Before the wedding it seems like they will matter to you – but they WON’T. I bought a bunch of stuff that I completely forgot about and never even used. The most important things are family, friends, and each other. That becomes more real than ever on the day of and honestly everything else just fades away.

We had a lot of mutual friends, but our first time actually meeting was at a bonfire up in the woods at Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp, which is where we got married. We locked eyes across the fire and that was that.

Also at camp (haha)! Josh convinced his two nephews who were 3 and 4 to bring me to a dock where he had strung up pictures of the two of us through the trees and left flowers on the trail. When I got down the trail and looked at the dock, I could see him standing there. I walked out to him and he got down on one knee. I was completely surprised and It could not have been more perfect.

Exiting together right after the ceremony, seeing the smiles on all of our friends and families faces, hearing the cheers and feeling so much love surrounding us. It was hands down the happiest moment of my life.

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