Carnegie Museum of Art Engagement: Patrick & Erica

I love when a bride is sure if herself. Erica is totally that bride! She knew she wanted a Carnegie Museum of Art engagement session so that’s what we did! The results are totally stunning….

More info after the pictures below!

From Erica:

Favorite Memory About Your Engagement:

Patrick and I went on our first date on what just happened to be his parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. Ironically, he proposed to me on what just happened to be MY parents’ 35th wedding anniversary (totally unbeknownst to him!) This detail made this day all the more special to me.

The thing that Patrick and I have most in common is how much we love our families. Both of us are very family oriented and our siblings are especially important to us, so Patrick wanted to make sure my parents and my three sisters (who are my best friends) were present for his proposal. My parents were having a cook out at their house (my childhood home) on Memorial Day, and he surprised there (after telling me for several days that he couldn’t make it!) and proposed to me in front of my family (who were all in on it, but I had no idea! I was shocked!) My mom had champagne and cake ready to go and we celebrated all day. It was a perfect day.

Why Did You Choose Your Engagement Location? What Makes It Special to You?
Patrick and I met in Oakland when I was a senior at Pitt and he had just moved to Pittsburgh for work. After I graduated from college, I continued to live in Oakland for the next 3 years to attend Pitt Law School, so we spent a significant amount of time in the first several years of our relationship just hanging out around Oakland! Our ceremony and reception will also be in the Oakland area (are you sensing a theme?!), so this neighborhood is definitely special to us – although Patrick, a Penn State grad, may be hesitant to admit this!

Bride-to-Be Apparel:
First outfit – Top: Ronny Kobo (Saks Fifth Avenue), Pants: Capulet (Revolve.com); Second outfit – ASOS Jumpsuit; Engagement ring: Goldstock jewelers
Hair: Styled by Bride; Makeup: Shannon Cole

Groom-to-be Apparel:
Blue Suit: Custom suit by Sur Mesur; Black slacks: Calvin Klein