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We have to imagine that finding a better photographer than Dray for your wedding or event in the Pittsburgh area is near impossible – and we know there’s a lot of talent in the Steel City! From the moment we reached out to him, Dray was super responsive, down-to-earth, and organized. Leading up to the big day, he did absolutely everything we could’ve guessed needed to be done without pushing or rushing anything. On the big day, Dray absolutely killed it. He and his brother, Aaron, weren’t too up-in-our-business while getting ready, and didn’t appear to panic when we ran a little behind. They both hustled the entire day. He took the most stunning photos of our families, wedding party, and bridal portraits with effortless direction. He made posing super easy, and caught all the best stuff while we were laughing together. Dray somehow managed to be super chill but in also a strong director of people when he needed to be; he quickly gave effective direction and snapped so many gorgeous photos. We look like we legitimately came out of a magazine. After the ceremony, Dray and Aaron also took lovely photos of wedding guests and we received many comments on his pleasant demeanor and effective directions. Truly a fantastic experience from start to finish, choosing Dray was one of the best decisions we made in our wedding planning! There is no feasible way you will be disappointed if you do the same! Not only is he an amazing and talented photographer, he is a great dude!

Leanne & Nick